Types of Cu Ni Tube Fitting

Copper and nickel are the two different elements present adjacent to each other. These two elements show close resemblance and are completely miscible in both the liquid and solid-state. The alloy of Cu-Ni shows a cubic structure. Cu-Ni alloy contains alloys of copper as a base metal with the most considerable content and nickel. Here, the alloy also contains zinc in not more than 1%. Here, in this alloy, nickel shows high volume compared to other elements. Along with 45% Ni, the grade also contains manganese, iron, and tin to enhance its physical and mechanical properties. The alloy also has traces of niobium and silicon.

What is Cu Ni Tube Fitting?

Cu Ni Tube fitting is the Cu Ni alloy products with semi-finished touch and undergoes various casting processes. These fittings offer interesting physical properties, good mechanical properties to work under continuous pressure and heat environment. The well-defined copper and nickel composition offer fittings the ability to work in highly corrosive conditions and saltwater.

Types of Cu Ni fittings

These Cu Ni Tube fittings are available in various types, and these types offer the ability to work in a low or nominal temperature coefficient environment. Multiple types of Cu Ni fittings include the following:

  • Cupro-nickel male connector

These are the fittings made of using superb raw material as Cu-Ni 90 / 10. These fittings are useful as saltwater condenser systems and desalination plants. Here, male connectors of Cu Ni offer good resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

  • Bulkhead union

This type of Cu Ni tube fittings offers smooth piping connections and establishes a firm and tight seal to avoid liquid leakage from the tank. These fittings are useful in applications requiring higher pressure and water velocities.

  • Union cross

These are the type of Cu Ni tube fittings available in different sizes and shapes. These are products have high durability and resistance to survive longer.

  • Union tee

Union Tee is a product that has excellent quality and useful mainly in electrical industries and air conditioning plants. These products are available in varied and suitable sectors like food processing, paper and pulp, sugar industry, petroleum industries, and beverage processing plants.