Different Grades of Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon Steel Flanges are made of cast carbon steel and are used to connect pipe sections or to join pipes to pressure vessels, valves, pumps, or other units. The grades of carbon steel products vary depending on the material ratio, carbon content, and other elements.

Various Grades of Carbon Steel Flanges

In the presence of carbon steel flanges, the most prevalent grades are ASTM A182, ASTM A694, ASTM A105, and ASTM A305. Carbon content in carbon steel flanges can reach 2.1 percent by weight.

Carbon Steel A105 Flanges

Carbon Steel A105 Flanges have cast carbon steel piping components that are used in fittings, flanges, valves, flanges, and connected sections, as well as in pressure systems operating at atmospheric and higher temperatures.

Carbon Steel A105 flanges are particularly used in degrees ranging from 500 to 550 Degree Fahrenheit. These flanges are utilized in maritime engineering for working in hydrocarbon, heat condenser/ exchanger, saline environment, oil and gas facilities, nuclear power ventures, and more. The numerous options available for these flanges include Weld Neck, Plate and Blind Flanges, and a few other flange types.

Carbon Steel A182 Flanges

This grade of carbon steel flanges is also used with stainless steel pipe Flanges, Forged Fittings, Rolled Iron, Valve, and other Higher Temperature units. Carbon Steel A182 Flanges seem to have a better chemical composition and bonds. These flanges are not prone to wear out and last for longer periods of time. These Flanges are generally seen in the petrochemical industries, and paper, pulp factories, as well as a few more of them. Because of the characteristics of this type of flange, it is one of the most durable goods that lasts a long time.

Carbon Steel A350 LF2 Flanges

Carbon Steel A350 LF2 Flanges are utilized in a variety of pipe grades, Ring Rolled Flanges, Low Alloy Forged Steel, and Forged Fittings. These flanges are immune to temperature and pressure and have higher strength and durability.

These Flanges provide full processability while having gained higher strength at a low cost when annealed, normalized, or forged. These flanges are generally more in supply than customary austenitic stainless steel flanges due to their higher toughness property.

Carbon Steel A694 Flanges

CS A694 Flange is a more stringent material than the three above for carbon steel A694 flange pressure is classified as high-pressureĀ fluid transmitting of oil and gas pipes. Because of this property of the steel grade, manufacturers must produce much stronger steel to endure both cryogenic and high temperatures. As the carbon content of the steel grows after thermal treatment, it has become extremely hard and tougher. However, it is growing increasingly less ductile.