All You Need To Know About Stainless Steel 310 Pipes

Stainless Steel 310 Pipes

The composition of the high-temperature tolerance 310 Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plates is 25 percent chromium and 20 percent nickel. This makes the material oxidation and corrosion-resistant. The material’s polish also contributes to its oxidation resistance.

High Temperature for 310 stainless steel pipes

310 austenitic stainless steel pipes with exceptional oxidation resistance at high temperatures Intermittent service to 1900 degrees F. Good for continuous exposure to 2100 degrees F. Due to carbide precipitation, continuous usage in the 425-860°C temperature range can decrease aqueous corrosion resistance.

Corrosion Resistance:

310 Stainless steel pipe has good resistance to oxidizing and carburizing environments, as well as excellent corrosion resistance at normal temperatures.

Heat Resistance:

310 Stainless steel pipes give Excellent oxidation resistance in intermittent service up to 1040°C and continuous service up to 1150°C. Typically utilized in situations with temperatures between 800 and 900°C.

Application of 310 Stainless steel Pipes

Oil, Burner Parts, Heat Exchangers, Furnace Parts, Welding Filler Wires and Electrodes, Combustion Tubes, Annealing Covers, and Fire Box Sheets are some of the applications for stainless steel 310 pipes.

What are the characteristics of 310 Stainless Steel Pipes

  • Oxidation resistance to 2000°F
  • Moderate strength at high temperature
  • Resistance to hot corrosion
  • Strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures

Fabrication of Stainless steel 310 Pipes

Stainless steel 310 Pipes are forged at temperatures ranging from 975 to 1175 degrees Celsius. Heavy processing takes place at 1050oC, with mild finishing taking place at the end of the range.

Machinability of Grade 310 Stainless Steel Pipes

Machinability Grades SS310 is equivalent to Type 304 in terms of machinability. Work hardening can be a concern, thus it’s common practice to remove it with slow speeds and heavy cuts, sharp tools, and plenty of lubrication. The tools employed are powerful machinery and large, stiff implements.